Floral Obsession

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Floral Obsession

I can’t garden just a little bit. I have the geek capacity for obsession, so I’m careful about picking up new things; I’m way too likely to wind up buying ten pairs of silver shoes in a week* or memorizing the lineage of Targaryan kings.**

My mind has now fastened itself to gardening, and God help the local nurseries. I’m pretty sure Habersham closed just to dodge my special orders. Only the most powerful of efforts keeps me from spending every dime I have on vegetable and flower plants. So, gentle reader, I now take out my obsession on you.

I can’t settle on one overall look for the yard. Instead, I have ideas for mini-gardens, each of which should have a theme of its own:

To be planted in light shade. Black hellebore, red bleeding heart, and glorious Nosferatu daylilies. Queen of Night tulips. The dark colors will be set off by pale lavender crocus. onyxodysseyhellbore
Ethereal, night-blooming flowers in whites and pale blues and purples that glow in moonlight. Moonflowers, four o’clocks, jasmine on an arbor. moonflower
(See what I mean?) Fiery Nasturtiums, fluttery oranges and yellows everywhere. Tall, gas-blue lavender or delphinium. And, obviously, lots of snapdragons.


Clear, vivid colors, outlined petals, flowers whose color looks like it was put on with a pen. calibrachoa

Columbine, harlequin flowers, white and black anemones for Pierrot. columbineharlequinmix

* I might need different heel heights.
** That kid on the boat is totally a Blackfyre. Why else would the Golden Company walk out on a contract?


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  1. I want a moon garden someday.

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